If your domain registration and DNS hosting are currently provided by another company (e.g., GoDaddy, Register.com), but you want to manage your domain and DNS through our control panel, you can transfer your domain to Big Splash. We will serve as your domain registrar and your DNS host.When you transfer your domain to Big Splash, we will add one year to your current registration. You will be charged the non-refundable annual domain registration fee, which will cover your first year plus any remaining time on your current registration. The annual fee also includes DNS hosting along with the registration.

To transfer your domain registration to Big Splash, perform the following steps:

  1. Contact your domain registrar and request the following. Or, if you have access to your registrar’s control panel for your domain, you can make these changes yourself.
    • Update your contact information on file. The administrative contact will receive the transfer confirmation request.
    • Request that they unlock your domain.
    • Request an EPP Authorization Code for your domain.
    • Confirm that your domain is at least 60 days old.
  2. If you did not request a domain transfer when you signed up for service, contact our support team and request a domain transfer.
  3. We will initiate the transfer by sending a notice to your current domain registrar. The registrar will then contact your organization (according to your contact information on file for your domain) to verify that you requested to transfer the domain. They may contact you by email or by phone. When they contact you, you will just need to confirm that you do, indeed, want to transfer the domain to us.
  4. After we receive confirmation from your domain registrar, we will transfer your current DNS settings automatically and set up your Name Servers. It can take an additional 48 hours for computers around the world to recognize the change to your domain's name servers, but no email will be lost during this transition, and there will be no interruption to your website or related services. Please do not cancel your current domain registration service until the transfer is complete.
Note: We cannot estimate how long it will take to transfer your domain, since your domain registrar must first contact you, you must respond to the registrar, and then the registrar must respond to us. After we receive notification from your registrar that the transfer can proceed, we will promptly complete the transfer.