Here is the information we’ll need to collect from you in order to get started on your new website. So, please take some time to think through the following questions, and make any appropriate notes, prior to our Kick-Off Meeting. If you have any questions in advance of the meeting, you can contact us at, or by phone at (281) 816-6932. We look forward to meeting with you soon!

1. What is the goal/purpose of your new website? How do you want it to work for you?

2. Describe your target audience.

3. Do you have an existing domain? If so, where is it registered? (We will need your log-in information in order to transfer the domain.)

4. Is there an active website tied to this domain?

5. Do you have an active hosting account?

6. Do you have a target date for launching your site?

7. Are there any specific features or functionality you need on your site?

8. What will be the source of your content (original content from you, secured from an outside source)?

9. If you have an existing site, what are your complaints about it? Why are you needing a new site?

10. Are you planning to add eCommerce to your site?

If “yes”, please fill out the “eCommerce Site Questions” form found under the Notebook tab in the project portal.